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Enwrapping classic beauty in a modern touch, we capture the whimsical spirit of your love story, allowing you to express what can never be put into words. Inspired by blooming rose gardens, handcrafted European facades, and the reserved beauty found in our own backyards, our rings capture the unique energy which radiates from your journey together.

With a love so unique, why buy her an ordinary ring?

We are two brothers who know that nothing enhances creativity quite like love. It has driven us to develop new techniques, allowing for multiple gold colors and one of a kind patterns.

Your love is special. Truly wow her with a ring which represents how you feel every time you see her.
A design as whimsical and uplifting as your love.

What We Believe In
Conflict Free Diamonds

Here at Camellia Jewelry, we are strictly opposed to the sale of blood diamonds, and we can confirm that all of our diamonds are conflict-free diamonds which have been certified as so via the Kimberley Process.

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Recycled Gold

Gold can be melted down and recycled time and time again without ever losing its purity or value over time. This way, high-quality gold can be recycled over and over again, while making sure we keep bringing our customers high-value high-grade gold which has definitely not been newly obtained in an unethical manner.

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Creative Freedom

With our customers driving the creative process, our experienced jewelers will handcraft their quality customized vision into a one of a kind piece of art. Together, we create a ring which will become a treasured part of their love story and admired for a lifetime.

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The Team

Camellia Jewelry is based in Israel the talented jewelry-lover is responsible for creating and bringing to life beautiful pieces for our unique customers.

The engine and ideas generator. The person who gives all of us power and inspiration to move forward and develop and improve our company and ourselves.

Mr. Itamar Mizrachi

Peleg is Itamar’s brother and the heart and soul of Camellia Jewelry! As a gemologist with several years of experience he is responsible for the jewelry designs and all external communications with suppliers: jeweler, gems setters, diamonds and gems wholesalers.

Mr. Peleg Mizrachi

Veteran of jewelry business with almost 18 years’ experience. Reuven is also responsible for our social media and advertising campaigns, as well as for marketing and selling programs.

Mr. Reuven Peretz
VP-Marketing & Partner

Our youngest and most prospecting employee. This young man manages your orders to be placed, produced and delivered in time and with maximum care and professionalism

Mr. Ben Tal
Production Manager

Tomer's important role includes our shops’ content fulfillment, data order. Tomer also manages your orders to be placed and delivered in time.

Mr. Tomer Cohen
Content Manager
Designing The Ring of Your Dreams

At Camellia, you are an essential part of creating the ring of her dreams.
With you driving the creative process, our experienced jewelers will handcraft your quality customized vision into a one of a kind piece of art. Together, we will create a ring which will become a treasured part of your love story and admired for a lifetime. Contact one of our jewelry consultants today.
Your custom experience starts now...

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Concierge Service

With thousands of satisfied couples and over 650 verified reviews, we encourage you to reimagine what is possible from an engagement ring, wedding band, or fine jewelry. Every breathtaking piece is made to order, making her heart flutter anew with each glance.

We’d like to invite you to have a look at our collection and contact us to discuss the perfect ring. Our concierge service and customization options ensure that her ring will be like no other.

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