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Marriage Proposals Do’s and Dont’s

The YES Gods have bestowed upon us a big task and that is a guide to help you nail that beautiful word. You might’ve fallen in love, at first sight, a few months ago or have been growing together for the past decade, yet an engagement affair isn’t easy on anybody. Check out below a few dos and don’ts when it comes to marriage proposals.


Top 10 DO’s of marriage proposals

The most important thing is compromise. Make sure you’re following your heart, but also that you will surprise your partner in a good way.


The second thing you can do is keep the tradition of talking with your partner’s parents, or close friends, to ask for permission and even a few tips.


The third thing you have to look out for is the budget. Do you think you want to invest more in the ring and the wedding than the proposal?


If the answer is no, you want to go all the way with the marriage proposal, make sure you get some professional counseling and book a photographer.


Then you have to decide if it will be big, private or cozy, surrounded by family. Will it be a glamorous party or an engagement escapade?


Careful storing the ring between buying it and popping the question. When the day comes, choose where you want to store it: in your suit pocket or even in your sock.


Do prepare yourself. Practice makes perfect and from experience, even the most prepared men out there got the jitters beforehand.


When you ask “will you marry me?” go all classic romance on one knee, take a deep breath, look in your partner’s eyes and make sure you speak up…and don’t choke.


Do prepare for a little romantic speech and get ready for telling the details of picking the ring to everybody.


And last, but definitely not least, get ready to tell the world and answer a lot of questions.



Top 10 DON’Ts of marriage proposals

The most important don’t is not to rush.


The second most important is not to pick only things you enjoy, but also that she will like, especially in the ring department.


If you’re going to share with her the engagement ring to make sure she likes and that it fits, don’t give her all the details. At least surprise her with the proposal.


Don’t panic if it’s too much for you, always ask for help.


Don’t go big if it’s not personal because you know this is what’s expected of you. Creativity will make this story worth telling over and over again.


Don’t complicate things. That’s what the wedding is all about. Take the stress out of the surprise.


Be romantic, but don’t be cheesy. Rings stuck in food or in a champagne glass are cute in movies, not so much in real life. This also applies to proposing in a crowd. Things might get lost.


Don’t expect not the future bride to not tease you, she might withhold the “YES”.


Don’t ever tell her how much you paid.


Don’t go in it without a plan B.


In the end, we’re left with rolling out the red engagement ring carpet for you. If you still need some help finding the right jewelry for your loved one, here are some ideas.




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