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How to Take the Perfect Ring-Selfie?

Congratulation on your first “YES”! But engagement tears aside, how are you going to let the world know he proposed? Check out the guide below on how to take the perfect ring-selfie. Selfie it now or it doesn’t exist!

In today’s world, it didn’t happen if you don’t have the photo proof plastered all over your social media. You don’t have to be a professional to take good photos, but you can spruce up your artistic side with these tips and have fun doing it.

Even if you’re not a fan of pouty lips selfie or the bathroom mirror ones, the ring selfie is for everybody. Once the years pass, you’ll look at this photo and cherish the calm before the storm of organizing the BIG DAY.


Top 10 tips to take the perfect engagement ring photo


1. It’s all about the lighting to get that sparkle right. No matter what type of ring you have, place your hand in front of the window and take advantage of the natural light.

2. The wrong light can also cause havoc, so avoid artificial ones coming directly at it, like a flash, because you’ll get too much sparkle or shadows and not enough clarity.

3. If you’re afraid you’re not getting a clear shot because of shaky hands, make sure the ring and the camera lens are clean. Tap the screen to focus it and then use the earbuds button to click the shot.

4. Another idea is to use a tripod and avoid timer as it usually delivers blurriness no matter if you’re using your phone or a professional camera.

5. On the beauty side, make sure you have the perfect manicure on – you can take a few days to get it all right – and your skin smooth and shiny.

6. If you just don’t have the patience for this, improvise. For example, you can hold hands with your partner or hold a mug that will hide your nails. Do moisturize the skin.

7. You might also get some hairy problems. When you shoot straight, your hand hairs will stand out. To avoid this, relax your hand on your leg, a prop like a chair or even a bag, or your partner’s hand.

8. Don’t be afraid to accessorize the look with other staked rings or bracelets, or a long-sleeved sweater.

9. The background is also important. You can go with flowers, a pillow, your laptop or even skyscrapers. Take your time, because it will be worth it.

10. Some apps you might consider to crop and edit your photo are Snapseed, Whitegram and LD. And if you want more movement, you can’t go wrong with a live photo passed through ImgPlay, or Boomerang.




You have the perfect man, the perfect ring and now the perfect engagement ring-selfie will follow!

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