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7 Things to Know About Sunflowers

The sunflower is one of the most beautiful plants on Earth, with lots of history and meaning. It’s a symbol of adoration, longevity, and loyalty, much like the Sun. To honor this unique flower which has been a wonderful source of inspiration for us, we have gathered all the unique sunflower items under one collection – the Sunflowers Collection.


sunflowers rings


Here are some more interesting stories and facts about sunflowers, that will make you go WOW:

1. There’s a lot to know about the sunflowers – Vincent van Gogh’s fascination with sunflowers is one of the most interesting works of art that we have to date. The artist painted a series during the summer of 1888, when he couldn’t leave the comfort of his house, due to bad weather. The sunflower caught his eye indoors and gave him inspiration. But it’s also a symbol of friendship, as this is what he was painting when he invited fellow painter Gauguin to join his studio.

2. A great cultural reference surrounding the sunflower comes from the Greeks. There’s this myth about Apollo and Clytie, the nymph. Apollo, the son of Zeus, was the God of Sun. The two were somewhat in love until Apollo fell for Leucothoe. Clytie became jealous and got Leucothoe killed. Apollo took revenge, turned the nymph into a flower, but even as a flower she followed him around, like sunflowers turn towards the Sun. And this is how it became a symbol of faithfulness

3. There are many meanings surrounding the sunflower around the globe. For example, Chinese people think of it as a symbol of good luck and energy, while Native Americans consider it the mark of harvest, due to its seeds, pigment and beauty.

4. The color symbolizes vitality, intelligence and happiness. Like the Sun, various religions think of it in connection with knowledge and the desire for light and truth. The Incas wore sunflowers as crowns, while modern artists like Ai WeiWei created exhibitions with sunflowers to show the relationship between the individual and the people.

5. If you are following the flowers & stones list, sunflowers can be given as a 3rd year wedding anniversary gift as a sign of adoration and strength.

6. Sunflower’s scientific name is “Helianthus” coming from the Greek words “helios” (sun) and “anthus” (flower).

7. Sunflower’s seeds are black (used for oil – for cooking or as an ingredient in the cosmetics industry) and striped (usually sold as a snack). As snacks, they’re very nutritious as a snack, as they contain a lot of calcium and good fats.


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