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How to Find the Right Ring Size

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It’s that time, you’re planning to pop the question, and that means you have to get thinking about the ring. Finding the ring that will make them swoon is a difficult task in itself, but getting the size just right is the big issue – you want them to be able to slip it on and show it off, don’t you?


how to measure a wedding ring


Finding the right ring size without revealing your big surprise sounds like mission impossible – but really it doesn’t need to be! Other than of course, asking your friends and family for a few clues, there are plenty of ways to work round it if you’re planning that surprise proposal.

Make sure your loved one has a ring to remember and a fit to match with our top tips!


Use a Ring Sizer

This is one of the easiest options, most jewelry brands offer to send you a free plastic ring sizer so you can check your special someone’s ring size. It will allow you to get that width just right so it doesn’t sit too tight or too loose on the knuckle – remember that fingers swell with heat so measure it several times as sizes can obviously vary during the day.



Use an Existing Ring

Find a ring that they love and wear regularly to take to the jeweler who can then let you know what size it is. Be sure to let the jeweler know if they’re right handed or left handed as the dominant hand can size up to half a size larger.


Download a Ring Size Guide

With a ring you have borrowed off your loved one, download a ring size guide and line up the ring to the right size to find out which size it corresponds to. This is an easy and efficient way of finding out their ring size, but do take into account the finger swelling so it sits comfortably on the finger.


Look into Comfort Fit Rings

Comfort fit rings run larger and have a rounded inner surface to sit more comfortably on the finger. They also allow you to benefit from a wider band, creating the perfect flattering fit and is perfect for everyday wear. Size down with a comfort ring as they run larger than the average ring.


Sizing Beads

If your loved one struggles to get their ring over their knuckle once it is on, then sizing beads – those small metal knobs – are the go-to, as they allow you to easily remove the ring all whilst not being too loose. It finds that perfect balance, they also help counter-balance heavier ring styles, so if you’re getting them a blinding sparkler, you should definitely opt for sizing beads for comfort!



Download our practical ring size guide here



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